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Bullseye Spirits


Experience the untamed wilderness of Denmark with Bullseye Vildmarks Akvavit. Our aquavit combines the classic Danish recipe with a twist of New Nordic Cuisine, using local ingredients sourced from Thy National Park. Infused with heather, lingonberry flowers, and spruce shoots, every sip will transport you to the heathland and the roaring North Sea.

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Bullseye spirits


Who's behind Bullseye Spirits

We are a true family business where each family member has their own area of responsibility:

  • Søren Krarup Hansen is the father, engineer, and director of Bullseye Spirits Distillery.
  • Alexander Krarup Hansen is the eldest son, education consultant, and customer manager for Bullseye Spirits Distillery.
  • Peter Victor Krarup Hansen is the middle son, organic farmer with responsibility for procurement and supply chain.
  • Jens Martin Krarup Hansen is the youngest son, craft distiller with responsibility for development and production.

Where's Bullseye Spirits located?

Since 2020, Bullseye Spirits Distillery has been working to
create authentic taste experiences with a focus on inspiring stories. We are located in Djursland, Møllerup Gods - Møllerupvej 26, 8410 Rønde, amid nature and fields, which we always work to take care of. That is why all our products are 100% organic. At the same time, we are working towards achieving the industry’s lowest climate footprint. This is something that simply makes sense to us.

If I order now, when can I expect my products to be delivered?

We strive to ship your products as soon as possible. We deliver your order within 3-5 work days.

I want to sell your products. Who should I speak to?

Please contact our customer manager, Alexander Krarup Hansen, and he'll help you out. Email at hakh@bullseyespirits.com