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Gin Heroes

Gin Heroes | Nationalpark Kongernes Nordsjælland | Gin

Gin Heroes | Nationalpark Kongernes Nordsjælland | Gin

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The stunning natural beauty of North Zealand bears witness to the region's deep connection to the Danish monarchy, with its grand royal castles, vast forests, and heathland landscapes teeming with diverse wildlife.

Kongernes Nordsjælland gin evokes the great forests of Zealand with subtle hints of a classic hunting bitter, featuring notes of walnut and parsnip, and a prominent oak finish. This smooth and creamy gin has a medium-length finish.

Savor Kongernes Nordsjælland gin with Artisan Drinks Fiery Ginger Beer or Fever-Tree Ginger Beer or Ginger Ale for a zesty, refreshing twist.

Vol: 44% Alcohol

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